Sometimes you barely have to change anything, to change everything...

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Design Your Life... Today!

At LifeScape Strategies, we empower clients to develop the vision, strategies, and confidence they need to design a life filled with happiness, meaning and fulfillment.


We believe that you should enjoy yourself and your life fully and pursue what is most important to you. We look at life from a holistic approach and view it as having four major aspects or rooms; health, career, spirituality and relationships. Each room requires your attention and intention as you choose what elements will be a part of your unique design. When added together this makes up your home; it is where you live, it houses your soul. It may be peaceful or chaotic, draining or fulfilling and at any time you can chose to spruce things up a bit or launch a major rehab. We help our clients discover their own style and create balance, adding in elements they most want and getting rid of things that no longer work. We partner with you to examine the current situation and guide you to imagine new possibilities or reconnect to forgotten dreams. We then help you develop step-by-step plans, providing accountability and support to overcome fear and limits helping you stay on track so that you can achieve what you want more quickly and easily.  You can start designing your life today and live your best life now.


Using assessments, exploration, and goal-setting during individual or group sessions and events, we lead you through a proven process of self-discovery, allowing you to make your own choices, take control and develop a customized strategy for a happy life.


Discover how simple it can be to manage stress, reach your goals, and have more fun by approching your life as a whole and attending to and enjoying each aspect of it fully.


Be intentional. Choose how you will live your precious life and design it on your own terms so you can be all that you are.



Isn't it time to design your life for the happiness and success you deserve? Call LifeScape today.


Individual coaching provides a powerful alliance focused completely on your objectives and goals. Take advantage of dedicated time each week to explore, plan and execute. Have a professional in your corner to brainstorm, troubleshoot and cheer you on, holding you accountable as well as helping you over hurdles.




Let Julia Skeesick

help you design your life

Julia Skeesick is a Certified Professional Coach and owner of LifeScape Strategies.


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Finding What You Never Lost: Women's Repowerment

Non-Credit Course at Waubonsee Community College



Groups offer a powerful combination of topics, social connection and support. Join a group of like minded peers to support each other as we all move toward our goals, shift perspectives and grow. Group coaching sessions are an affordable option or compliment to individual coaching. Join an exising group or form your own with Julia as a facilitator.



Julia is a sought after speaker in the Chicagoland area and offers fun interactive workshops and seminars on a regular basis.  Some past program topics have included goals and motivation, ways to relieve stress, living with passion, overcomimg fear, increasing happiness and holistic mind body soul living. Check the events page. She is also available for your group.



Exclusive Women's Retreats

are held in a historic luxurious B&B where you can get away from it all for a weekend to reconnect to you.

Nurturing, intimate setting allows a life changing opportunity to indulge and care for every bit of you. Leave refreshed revitalized, ready to design the life you want.


Upcoming Events:

Wine, Women & Wisdom - Women's Growth Group

Monthly small group provides positive social interaction, growth topics, goal structure and support.


"I’m so grateful to Julia for how much more open I am to the possibilities while my life’s story continues on into new and exciting chapters. Julia came into my life at a time when I knew I needed to get my thinking “unstuck”. In a thoughtfully kind, compassionate and challenging way, Julia encouraged and guided the process that allowed me to realize the less-than-helpful thinking I was holding onto so I could make appropriate adjustments and finally get out of my own way. As Julia puts it best, “Sometimes you barely have to change anything to change everything”. Thank you Julia!


- Susan K.

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